Fish Show Rules


All fish must be registered to enter the fish show!!!  Click here for registration.

Entries are free if you bring your own 10 gallon aquarium with sponge filter or 20 gallon high aquarium with sponge filter.

If you cannot bring your own aquarium, a LIMITED number of aquariums and sponge filters will be available for rental (first come, first served).

To rent an aquarium, go to the Aquarium Rental Page.

Hybrids are allowed, but will not be eligible for Best in Show.



Class A – Lake Malawi Mbuna
Class B – Utaka (Open Water Lake Malawi)
Class C – Haplochromines Not from Lake Malawi
Class D – All Other Cichlids (Under 3 Inches)
Class E – All Other Cichlids (Over 3 Inches)
Class F – Loricarid Catfishes
Class G – All Other Catfishes
Class H – Livebearers
Class I – All Other Fish and Aquatic Creatures


Each class will have the following cash prizes:

1st: $20
2nd: $10
3rd: $5

Best in Show: $50

There will also be a People’s Choice award.

Additionally, a medal from the American Cichlid Association will be presented to the best cichlid in the show!


Judging of each class will be on a 30 point system and will be scored as follows:

  • Animal looks as close to ideal as one would expect of a perfect specimen (10 Points)
  • Anatomy of Animal is Ideal (10 Points)
  • Judges Discretion (10 Points)

Best in Show will be decided without regard to previous class scores and will be subjective to the judges.

Judges’ decisions will be final.